Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We cannot legally supply or sell alcohol. Beverages will need to be purchased by you directly either through a liquor store or grocery store.

That is a great question. Our preferred bartender to guest ratio is as follows:

Up to 125 guest = 2 bartenders
126 to 200 guests = 3 bartenders
200 to 300 = 4 bartenders

This, though, may vary based on the hours on duty, whether the event is a sit-down dinner or buffet, and if specialty drinks are requested.

Yes, you need ice. This is both to keep beer, wash, and water cold, as well as clean ice for beverage making.

No! We can provide a bar for a small rental fee.

Yes we do! For a small clean up fee we will clean up all bar refuse (i.e. bottles, cans, empty plastic cups).

Yes. We have two 70 quart deep freeze coolers that can be rented.

Yes! With some additional help from you, we can help you with this endeavor. This is a service we provide at no charge!

We can help you what you will need for the best service for your guests.

Yes, but for the bar area only. We can do our best to customize them to fit your theme.

We reserve the right to card any guest who looks 30 years old or under and will not service any guest who is not of legal drinking age.

Of course, we can design a drink just for your event. We can also make and serve any specialty you desire based on our pre-event discussion.

No. We apologize but for the safety for all and to keep the focus on the event at hand we do not perform tricks.

Any tips or gratuity for services rendered will be retained by LARC's Shenanigans.

Yes, we are fully insured.

We accept credit cards and Venmo.